to Emerson: the night you were born

March 21, 2018  •  Leave a Comment


Dear Emerson,

First of all, your mama is one special lady.  I'm sure you already know.  We love her free spirited laugh, her confidence and kindness, but on the night you were born, she was mostly just really really strong

We had been hoping that you would make your entrance into the world at the right time- so that both Meg and I could be there and so that Jessica could meet you before she moved away.  It was selfish, I know, but we were all anxious to see your sweet face, hear your sweet baby sounds, and to see that look on your mama's face- the relief that you finally came out, that you are here. 

We prayed and we hoped for you and then late on one Tuesday night in March, we got word that it was time.  We settled into the room and visited for a while- your mama seemed to know just what to do.  Her labor slowed a little so we went for a walk in the hall.  Your mom and dad held hands and laughed and your dad even dipped your mom- it was a funny and fun start to your birth day.  A nurse had to come out and tell us to keep it down- it was the middle of the night after all.  So we did settle down a little.  We got quiet and your mom got to work.  She labored hard while your dad kept watch, a strong and steady presence for your mama. Even though she was in bed, it was like your dad was holding her up with his eyes and his hand holding and his focus on her. 

And Emerson, it was really hard.  Your mama hurt bad.  She didn't get the medicine that makes the pain go away- she felt every last bit of it- but she was so strong and so brave and as soon as she saw you, love washed over her and she was undone.  She loves you so much, so so much, little buddy. 

And I guess that's the main take away.  You are loved.  You are fearfully and wonderfully made and every time your birthday rolls around, we'll remember how strong your mama was that Tuesday in March of 2018.  And I bet you'll grow up to be strong and brave, too. 

Happy birth day. 






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