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He loves us like that

February 09, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

We had the privilege of capturing last week's Father-Daughter Dance at St. Marks Cathedral School and wow- the gym was filled to overflowing with love and joy.  Girls from ages 2 to 14 were dressed to the nines and fully decked out with their most authentic smiles- the kind of smiles that come from being honored and totally and completely CHERISHED.  When our girl hearts feel beautiful and loved like that, we can't help but show it through our giddy grins and shining eyes.  

And the thing is, you know how those daddies love so fiercely and with all that they are?  God loves us like that.  All the time.  God loves you like that- so the next time you're in front of our cameras, remember that we want to capture you the way God sees you because He sees you as cherished, unique, honored, and BEAUTIFUL.  We understand the fears and insecurities that come with the human condition.  The example of good father love has been absent or fallen short in many of our lives, but the good news is that the picture of true fatherly love doesn't begin and end with our own personal experiences as they are built upon human limitations and failures.  God's love is not limited and it does not fail and it will never fail you.  This little picture we had at this dance of Fatherly love is only that- a brief glimpse.  

Yesterday, we listened to Lisa Harper talk about her experiences with her adopted daughter.  Every night for forty days, she would declare six things to her daughter:  you are strong, you are brave, you are intelligent, you are beautiful, I love you, and Jesus loves you more.   This is true for you too.  Jesus loves you more.  Our prayer is that the love of God changes how our hearts respond to our own self image.  That we can communicate to every woman who steps in front of our lenses that they can be their true selves because they are strong, they are brave, they are intelligent, they are beautiful, they are loved by their friends and family, but Jesus loves them more.  Because when we know and own that kind of truth, we can wildy and freely be exactly who we are and oh, the joy....


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