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sunflowers by the numbers

June 28, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Since we haven't ever done a special quite like this before, we thought we would show you what to expect for the next time we do something like this. 

Here's the story by numbers:

37 is the average number of individually hand edited color images our clients received in their galleries.

74 is the average number of individually hand edited images TOTAL as each color copy comes with a corresponding black and white.

20 is the average session time in minutes (a great number for husbands who may or may not be fond of getting in front of the camera or for little people with short attention spans).

2 is the different kinds of images we aim to capture- both lifestyle candids as well as classic family portraits.

1 represents the moment- the moments we have come and they go and there's no going back.  Freezing the moment, holding it still, seeing its worth and value and giving thanks for it for years and years to come... this is truly priceless.


We hope to see you next time!  It was gorgeous and easy breezy fun this June in our friend's beautiful sunflower field. 




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