Mama's Love Photography | Meet the Mamas

We have five amazing mamas who create beautiful images.  Meet the Mamas!  


Meg Bethard  

Meg Bethard, Shreveport, LA

Meg likes to sleep a lot and eat a bunch of crap.  She has three kids and if she doesn't sleep she'll be real real mean.  Sometimes she feels creative and sometimes she doesn't but her photos are ALWAYS slam dunks.  Featured almost daily on Instagram, she's a winner.  Birth photography is her very favorite.  She's hilarious and she creates what we like to call "megsterpieces."  




Candace Chaney

Candace Chaney, Shreveport, LA

Candace loves surprise parties, live music, and all the spicy food but a good emotionally charged photograph is her favorite.  Her husband keeps her laughing, her three kids keep her on her toes, and she is on a gratitude mission from God, capturing life as an act of thanksgiving with every click of the shutter.  With a steaming cup of coffee to her left and her labradoodle Captain on her right, she enjoys editing all the photos she is privileged to take of what is good and pure and true- tiny baby toes, snaggle tooth grins, the doting smile of a new mom, families huddled together and laughing, all kinds of light rimming and wrapping all of it up like a pretty package.  All the gifts rain down like confetti around her and she tries to preserve pieces with every photo she takes.  





Amanda Crow

Amanda Crow, Dallas, TX

Amanda is a born and raised Louisiana girl who moved to Texas for college and never left.  Married to her high school sweetheart, she's also a mama to two adventure-loving little boys and three rescue dogs.  Documenting her own family's joy, craziness, and connection led to her passion for photographing other families' love stories as well.  Her sessions are playful and relaxed to allow for lots of everyday magic, and she loves the way her images let her show her clients how beautiful their relationships are.  While she adores working with clients of all ages, being a former preschool teacher, she has a special place in her heart for little ones.  




Virginia Lee

Virginia Lee, Bossier City, LA

Virginia is currently exiled from her beloved state of Maine while her husband serves in the Air Force. Growing up, she had always had a curiosity for photography, but her interest grew when she took a digital photography elective during her undergraduate degree and expanded when she was able to purchase her first SLR. She loves to capture families and expecting couples, along with children and seniors. Virginia’s personality is outgoing and sassy, just like her natural red hair, and she isn’t afraid to “bust a move” if it’ll bring smiles and laughter to her audience. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family, reading books, needlepoint, and baking.





Jessica Palacios

Jessica Palacios, Shreveport, LA 


Jessica's energy and joy are contagious as evidenced by the beautiful photos she creates.  She and her husband are dancing-in-the-kitchen types, the kind of people you want at every party you throw.  Her two adorable girls are her pride and joy and her aussiedoodle Ozzie might be the cutest thing you ever did see.  We call her our "super business girl" because she has her MBA and because she's generally amazing with numbers and planning. We couldn't love her more- we know you will too.